Michael Zavros & Sean O’Pry

5 Jul

Self Portrait as Saint with Sean O’Pry by Michael Zavros

Beauty, Fashion & Luxury

When I see Sean O’Pry, Versace and Michael Zavros together, I want to know more. You may remember my interview with artist, Michael Zavros, from a while back (read here). Michael is an amazing artist, alongside being a man of class and style. A gentleman who creates luxurious artworks that blow your mind every time you see them. His attention to detail and ability to make you feel such emotion when you are viewing his works is simply wonderful. Sean O’Pry was featured in my Top 5 Male Models story and a model that I have been showing on The Man Has Style since the beginning. Of course, I have also shown Versace throughout the past few years here, how could I not?

So, when I learned that Michael Zavros was working with Sean O’Pry on his new collection of artworks, and Versace was in there also, I was so thrilled. The end result is spectacular, the images are amazing! Once I had seen them, I had to contact Michael to find out more and share with the readers of The Man Has Style.

Self Portrait with Sean O'Pry/Versace by Michael Zavros

Self Portrait with Sean O’Pry/Versace by Michael Zavros

TMHS: Sean O’Pry, Versace and Michael Zavros is a wonderful combination and one I had to know more about. How did this all come about and what was your inspiration behind this?

MZ: I’ve long held an interest in beauty, fashion and luxury and also in how life and art intersect. I met O’Pry in Los Angeles en route to New York from Milan quite serendipitously after actively seeking the model for some three months whilst in resident in the Australia Council Greene Street studio in Soho.

O’Pry is highly sough after for print and catwalk. At the time, he was the star of Taylor Swift’s current film clip, Blank Space. His beauty has become iconic and bankable – he is the patron saint of contemporary culture’s obsession with youth and beauty. In my photographer, Self Portrait as Saint with Sean O’Pry/Versace, O’Pry holds aloft his own makeshift halo, a gilded Versace plate, while he is formally beatified by the adoring gaze of the viewer. Discus Thrower with Sean O’Pry/Versace references art history, specifically the original Classical Greek sculpture held by the British Museum (discobulus), making analogies between O’Pry and the sacred Greek concept of perfect Hellenic proportions.

In Self Portrait with Sean O’Pry, the model wears a t-shirt with a hand drawn logo. O’Pry adopts a classic model pose of casual insouciance as he endorses the brand on the t-shirt (Zavros). He, and we, are in collusion; the consumed and the consumer. But what exactly is for sale? Is this an advertisement or a self-portrait, in which O’Pry is my avatar? Perhaps both. My work explores narcissism. O’Pry is the embodiment of a projected perfection.

Discus Thrower with Sean O'Pry/Versace

Discus Thrower with Sean O’Pry/Versace

TMHS: Your paintings often look like photographs with so much detail and you have the ability to bring an artwork to life. Saying this, there has been much talk of whether these particular works are paintings or photographs, can you clear up for those who don’t know?

MZ: The works in question are photographs, although I anticipate they may form part of a larger project with Sean. I enjoy the connection between painting and photography, both mimicking and extending each other. Importantly, the photographs of Sean referenced classical painting and portraiture. 


On the cover of Australia Art Monthly

TMHS: You are on the cover of two art publications; Art Collector and Australia Art Monthly. How does it feel being on both of these around the same time?

MZ: It’s exciting to see the new work embraced in a critical way via a medium I’m less know for. The project with Sean marks quite a shift in my practice in so many ways.


On the cover of Art Collector magazine

TMHS: Any exhibitions or other events you would like to share where people can see your works?

MZ: My work will be included in GOMAQ at Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) next month, following this, a group exhibition with my Auckland gallery, Stark White at Sydney Contemporary in September, and then the Adelaide Biennale at Art Gallery of South Australia next Feburary.

TMHS: Where can readers of The Man Has Style purchase your artwork?

MZ: Currently, I’m represented in Australia by Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane and in New Zealand with Starkwhite, Auckland. 

Follow Michael Zavros on Instagram: @michaelzavros

Michael Zavros website: www.michaelzavros.com

Follow Sean O’Pry on Instagram: @seanopry55

A note from TMHS: Michael also shared with some great behind the scene shots.


Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O'Pry - Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O'Pry - Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O'Pry - Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O'Pry - Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O'Pry - Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O'Pry - Behind the Scenes

Michael Zavros / Sean O’Pry – Behind the Scenes

Words by Sarah Crawford, Editor, The Man Has Style

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